Review: The Red Sun by Alane Adams


“You can’t change that, only accept it and figure out what it means for you.”

Date Published: June 11, 2014

Published by: Sparkpress

ISBN: 9781940716244

Pages:  346

Status: Read from October 23 to 25, 2016

Rating: ★★★★★


After meeting a strange dwarf in his garage and finding out his substitute English teacher is a witch, twelve-year-old Sam Baron travels through a stonefire to the magical realm of Orkney where he finally learns the truth about his past: his mother is a witch and his father is a descendant of the Norse god, Odin.

“The Red Sun” is the first book in The Legends of Orkney, the spellbinding series of adventure fantasy novels by Alane Adams. It follows Sam to the realm of Orkney where witches, wraiths, and other menacing creatures cause serious peril to the unsuspecting Sam. Now, it’s up to him to save his friends and all of Orkney from a cursed red sun. Can a young witch girl named Mavery help him?

Drawing on Norse mythology, this fantastical story will enthrall middle grade and tween readers with a taste for adventure. As Sam grapples with dark and dangerous elements from his past and confronts his own simmering anger over long ago events, “The Red Sun” sears with wild imagination and breathtaking moments. Follow “The Red Sun” for the high-flying magical ride of your life.


The author of this book sent me a paperback copy in exchange of an honest review.

Aside from the book and its sequel, five postcards were also included in the package. The postcards sparked my interest in reading the first book of the Legend of Orkney.

A fast-paced, light read with an exciting adventure focused solely on the Norse mytholody. Despite being a light read and the characters goofing around with their funny dialogues,  the story is actually darker than you would expect. It centers 12-year-old Sam who grew up in the human world and was living his life normally (or boringly as he would say) until a new teacher arrives. This teacher apparently turned their old English teacher into a lizard and though it is quite unbelievable, Sam felt that it is the truth. After some more weird happenings, he met a dwarf and this dwarf told Sam that he’s a half-god, half-witch. Pretty exciting, right? Well, the thing is, because of this ancestor, the great god Odin cursed all the witches to never bear a son but surprisingly, Sam was born. After going into the Ninth Realm and meeting a new set of characters including the witchling, Mavery, he went into different quests which are dangerous enough to get him killed or his friends. Sam also faced a dilemma in the story: saving his friends or saving the world from the red sun which is revealed to be connected to him.

This is the first novel I’ve read centering on the Norse mythology. I’m not knowledgeable regarding this that’s why I really enjoyed reading the book. I think the writing style perfectly fits its genre. Sam has both good and bad side into him and that made me enjoy his character because of the moral conflicts. As for the other characters, Mavery is my favorite. The young witch adds to the humor of the story and somehow, lightens up the mood. The connection of Sam and the red sun also intrigued me and I was amazed at how the different aspects of the story are linked to one another.

Fans of Rick Riordan books would definitely enjoy this. Although the genre is children fiction story, readers of young adult novel would also love this.


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