September Book Haul

THIS IS SUPER LATE!!! But I still want to share the books I got for the month of September. I went a little bit crazy because I found a lot of good deals in the internet plus I won an auction!

Here are the new members of my bookish life ❤️

I was supposed to buy the Empire of Storms on the first week of its release but unfortunately, no more copy for me! </3 So I got instead the Queen of Shadows (in its glorious HB format) This made me decide that I’m going upgrade my paperback copies of ToG series into hardcover. Next was the second hand TP copy of The Cuckoo’s Calling which I’ve been looking for so longggg. Then as I was browsing yet again the online bookstores, I saw this bundle which made me immediately order it. It’s the bundle of Heir of Fire and The Girl of Nightmares ❤️ I’ve been wanting to get The Girl of Nightmares since Kendare Blake’s writing style is exquisite! Now I just have to look for a copy of Anna Dressed in Blood…

Then I also joined this auction for the Partial Sequence trilogy! And well obviously, I won it!!! I got the trilogy for only 540 pesos which is maybe $11? considering these are all in HB format and are in very good condition.

I promised myself to not buy any books this month of October but our local bookstore announced their annual book sale last week and there’s no way I’m gonna let that pass! But the books I’ll be getting on that sale will be included in my birthday bookhaul which will be posted sometime in November. So excited to do book shopping!!!

That’s all for now. Happy reading ❤️


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