Review: Her Cyborg by Nellie C. Lind


Date Published: April 15, 2016

Published by: Sense of Romance


Pages: 174

Status: Read on June 26 to 28, 2016

Rating: ★★★★.5


Can’t find Mr. Right? Why not create him? MedAct is the company that can make all your dreams come true! Just give them a call and let them create the perfect man for you. But remember, you can never give him up. It will kill him, literally.

Loneliness and failed relationships made Phoebe want a cyborg of her own. With him, she would never be heartbroken again. When she turned to the medical and scientific company MedAct, she never expected to become one of the few people who passed their tests to be able to apply for a cyborg.

Now, months later, his creation is complete, and they are about to come face to face for the very first time. The day she has waited for has finally arrived, and it is about to change everything.


I received a free ebook copy in exchange of an honest review. Thank you, Miss Nellie!

The story starts off with Phoebe, our main heroine. She’s unfortunate with finding Mr. Right so she decided to create him with the help of MedAct, a company that creates humanoid beings for lonely women. She created her cyborg whom she named Shade and they lived at the company’s facilities for a month because the doctors needed to access Shade and he also needed to know more about the outside world before joining it.

The story is written in 3rd person point of view and every chapter, it is either Phoebe’s or Shade’s. I loved the book and enjoyed the cutesy-romantic vibes of it. The instant love and lust of Shade towards Phoebe is also understandable as he was created as Phoebe’s man. I also enjoyed the possessiveness of Shade during his first few weeks because again, he’s a cyborg and cyborgs have this sense of thinking that their bound one is the most important to them. The introduction of another human-cyborg couple is also good because they provided guidance to Phoebe and Shade. Wind became a good friend to our possessive cyborg and he managed to put some sense in Shade in some parts of the story. However, I’m so intrigued as to what will happen to Wind in the near future.

There’s also the rogue cyborgs who wanted to remove the bond because they felt it’s unfair for them. I kind of agree to this one since they were created specifically for a woman but that is also their purpose in the first place. The names of ’em rogues are also interesting much like Shade’s and Wind’s. The conflict is short but good! The stunt Faye played definitely surprised me and I was slightly hoping for more Faye-Silver scenes. And lastly the ending is perfect! Good think they were able to fix Shade or else… TT.TT

If there’s one reason as to why this book didn’t get a 5, it is because of the explanation of the cyborg to his bound one. I understand that it is needed for the sake of the storyline but the repetitiveness of it annoyed me.

Overall,  it’s a good book and I’m definitely recommending it! It hooked me up immediately and didn’t failed me till the end.


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