April Book Haul

So for the month of April, I went a little bit crazy! I wasn’t planning to buy books actually because May releases are to die for! I also plan on reading books on my TBR pile instead of adding more titles to it. But who are we kidding here? Of course, I can’t resist a good book when I saw one at the bookstore.

Last March 2016, The Winner’s Kiss was released. And 2 weeks prior to its release date, I already placed a reservation at my local bookstore. However, for some reasons, the release of the said book here in my country was delayed for about 1-2 weeks after its release date. I messaged the bookstore every time about the book and they weren’t sure when it will come out. Fast forward and I got a text telling me that it finally arrive. I asked my father to get it for me and yay! the book is finally in my hands. Thanks to my sweet father for picking it up. I have been anticipating this baby for almost a year and when I got my hands on it, I immediately dive back into the world of Valorians and Herranians. Unfortunately, I had to stop last week because of exams and omg that is so frustrating hahahaha will post a review about this book when I’m finished!a

Aside from the book above, I also got myself one of the most hyped books of the YA community. Quite late for this but I’m glad I finally have them! IT’S THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES BY SARAH J. MAAS!!!! Initially, it’s the hardbacks that I want however they’re too expensive than regular hardbacks so I just went with paperbacks hahahahah a close friend of mine would always recommend the said series every time we talked and her enthusiasm about it made me want to join the fandom. So I ordered it online and less than a week later, it arrived into our house. It came with free bookmarks, each matching the cover of the book. Gonna binge read these babies after my summer classes, which I think would end on the third week of May! UGH SO EXCITED!!!



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