01/19/16 ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

– so where do I begin? –


Last Tuesday, One Ok Rock had their very first concert here in the Philippines and let me just reminisce the best night of my life!

Take me to the top, bring me up to pull me down

My most awaited day came at last! The concert was held at the Mall of Asia Arena. I have classes that day from 7:00 to 5:30; I have three subjects and two of these are majors, the other one is PE. All through out the day, all I’ve been thinking were: “I’ll finally see my favorite band live!”, “Shems, makikita ko na si Toru mamaya!”, “The Beginning will be sang and I’ll get to hear it live!” and so on. My PE class was exhausting but nothing’s gonna stop me from seeing the boys. My last subject, which is from 1:00 to 5:30, is something that I couldn’t possibly miss because we’re to have an experiment and quiz that day. I asked my professor if I could take the quiz ahead of my classmates because I have “important matters” to attend to later. He doesn’t allowed me but told me I could go home earlier than my classmates. So I did the experiment and took the quiz; I managed to get a decent score, btw. After that, I immediately went home to change clothes and freshen myself. Then, with my mother and father, we head to MOA. There, I met up with my cousin, ate Mica, because I’ll be watching the concert with her.

– Back to black I can’t see what’s around me –

Concert starts at 8:00 and yet, 7:30, we’re still in queue. I was kind of in bad mood already because I wouldn’t want the show to start without me witnessing it. Thank God, before 8:00 we’re already inside the venue. We immediately bought our food and I changed into my pre-ordered One Ok Rock shirt.


–¬†What’s best for you is less for me; it’s my decision –

When we entered the arena, we were assisted to our seats and I’m slightly disappointed because I thought the VIP seated were in an elevated place, but we’re not. Still, I can see the stage and all.


– Hello, Philippines! We are ONE OK ROCK! –

Show started with the intro of the album 35XXXV. Tomoya, the ever cutest Tomoya did his thing with drums, then Ryota with his abs and bass. I was already screaming and jumping. Then, Toru came in and I suddenly became quiet. Toru in his instagram pictures and interviews and youtube videos is no match to the Toru in person. A few seconds ticked by before my brain finally processed that I’m looking to the real Toru, not through the Toru beyond my computer screen. Toru with his guitar and killer moves, Toru with his straight face, light brown hair, and side bangs. Than Taka came with his Take Me To The Top song and all hell broke loose.


I’d risk everything if it’s for you

When the first note of The Beginning played, I faced my cousin and shouted “it’s my favorite song!” Who could’ve possibly thought that one day I’d be able to hear my favorite song sang live? It’s a special song to me and it became much more special because this is where Taka made his promise that they’d be back next time. And damn, Taka’s voice is so beautiful! His voice is so powerful especially in their rock songs. One of the reasons why I fell in love with One Ok Rock is because of Taka’s voice. The live versions is usually much better than the studio. Plus of course, the energy of the band is in different level when performing live.


– Don’t go! It’s a mighty long fall when you thought love was the top –

Last song is Mighty Long Fall and then they bowed and went into the backstage. Being a fan for a long time, I know that of course there would be an encore. The whole fandom clapped their hands and stomped their feet while shouting “WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!” Taka and Toru entered the stage once again and sang Whenever You Are, which we all sang-along. In this song, fans raised their flashlights and the moment was so beautiful. This was probably the best moment in the concert. Taka asked us if we wanted to sing with him the last chorus of the song, which we, of course, said yes! The lyrics is in full Japanese that’s why when we sang it together, he was really happy.



-Whenever you are, I’ll always make you smile. –

The concert ended with No Scared and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. Then all band members bowed to the audience to show their gratitude to the fans who never gave up their dream to see them live.


-Will we make it better? Or just stand here longer?-

Jumping, screaming, and singing along. This is the first time I attended a concert and this is a dream come true for me. Although part of my dream is to have a meet and greet session with them, but the odds aren’t in my favor. They promised they’d be back and I promised to do my best to get that Meet and Greet opportunity with them. See you next time, Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya! Thank you for making the 19th of January a very special and unforgettable day to me and to all the One Ok Rock fans in the Philippines! Mahal ko kayo.

– It finally begins… –


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